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Revocable Trusts and Trust Administration in Connecticut

Revocable Trusts and Trust Administration in Connecticut concisely covers principles of revocable trusts, including what they are, what their advantages and disadvantages are and how they compare with wills. 

By Laura Weintraub Beck, Gayle B. Wilhelm, and Ralph H. Folsom


Drafting Trusts in Connecticut, 2d

Emphasizing a detailed knowledge of the client's intent and how to capture it, Drafting Trusts in Connecticut provides step-by-step guidance to the drafting of trusts documents in Connecticut estates practice.

By Laura Weintraub Beck, Gale B. Wilhelm, and Ralph H. Folsom


Drafting Wills in Connecticut, 2016-2017 ed.

Drafting Wills in Connecticut contains the forms and annotations necessary to complete a will in the state of Connecticut. Drafting legal documents has often been described as part science and part art.

By Ralph H. Folsom, Laura Weintraub Beck, and Douglas H. Olin


Settlement of Estates in Connecticut, 3d

Settlement of Estates in Connecticut covers every phase of the probate and estate management process from the time a death occurs through distribution of an estate's assets. 

By Gayle B. Wilhelm, Daniel G. Johnson, and Jessie A. Gilbert


Death Taxes in Connecticut, 4th

Death Taxes in Connecticut provide insights into such topics as the nature and theory of state death taxation, penalties, and the effects on decedents' estates.

By Laura Weintraub Beck and Gayle B. Wilhelm


Connecticut Probate Deskbook

Connecticut Probate Deskbook covers existing probate-related Connecticut Statutes; Public Acts of special interest to probate practice; official Connecticut Probate Court forms; updated state (Connecticut) tax forms; and a directory of judges, information on Connecticut Probate Court fees and updated tax rate schedules.


Probate Litigation in Connecticut, 3d

Probate Litigation in Connecticut discusses will and lifetime transfer contests, will and trust construction proceedings, challenging probate court decrees, fiduciary litigation, suits on probate bonds, evidence in probate litigation and appeals.

By Michael P. Kaelin and Ralph H. Folsom