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Falling From Legislative Grace

March 25, 2019

The charitable deduction is meant to incentivize taxpayers to contribute to charities, not find ways to cheat the system.

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Have You Ever Been Asked to Serve as Trustee of a Trust? What Does That Mean for You?

March 17, 2019

Have you ever been asked by a family member or friend to serve as Trustee of a trust for the benefit of their children or family members? 


Charitable Deduction Deconstruction

February 11, 2019

There will always be reasons to be charitable. But, if your client is looking to claim a deduction, be sure she follows the rules.

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By Brianna L. Marquis and Andrew M. Nerney


Retirement Planning: It's a Good Time to Review your Estate Plan

January 9, 2019

Laura Weintraub Beck, Chairman of Cummings & Lockwood Private Clients Group was interviewed for an article by Julie Jason, "Retirement Planning: It's a Good Time to Review your Estate Plan" which was syndicated through King Features, a Unit of Hearst which ran January 10, 2019.

By Julie Jason


Are You Prepared? The Importance of Planning Your Estate

Fall 2018 - Winter 2019

Are you prepared?  Have you given serious thought to your estate planning, final wishes, and your beneficiaries?

Beyond the Gates
By Angela Theresa Frizalone


Cryptocurrency - Estate and Charitable Planning and Compliance

Getting up to speed on virtual currencies for fiduciaries, heirs and charities
January 2019
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Ancillary Probate in Florida

December 3, 2018

The “Sunshine State” is well-known for attracting individuals, such as snowbirds, who often own Florida property without becoming residents of the state. However, if a non-resident of Florida dies leaving Florida property, administration of the decedent’s estate may be complicated by the need for an ancillary probate proceeding in Florida to dispose of the Florida property.

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Disclaimer Danger: IRS Deems Disclaimer of Trust Interest Not Subject to Gift Tax

November 25, 2018

A disclaimer, in the most basic estate-planning sense, is a refusal to accept an interest in property.  But why would someone ever reject an interest in a trust or an inheritance?  There’s actually several reasons.

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By Brianna L. Marquis and Andrew M. Nerney


Modification of a GST Trust Didn't Impact Its Exclusion Status

A recent PLR demonstrates the dangers that even judicial modifications can pose to a trust's tax status.
October 25, 2018

Chapter 13 of the Internal Revenue Code imposes a tax on generation-skipping transfers (that is, transfers to individuals more than one generation below the donor).

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By Caroline Demirs Calio and Andrew M. Nerney


Charitable Deduction for Gifts by Individuals, Partnerships and Corporations

A primer on a plethora of philanthropic provisions

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By Conrad Teitell, Stefania L. Bartlett, and Cara Howe Santoro


Increased Charitable Giving Through the Legacy IRA Act

September 10, 2018

Charitable-minded Americans age 70½ or older are allowed tax-free transfers from their IRAs to make direct gifts to charitable organizations.

Steve Leimberg's Charitable Planning Newsletter
By Conrad Teitell, Brianna L. Marquis, and Andrew Brett Seiken


Internal Revenue Manual Updates Provide Welcome Guidance for Federal Estate Tax Lien Release Process

September 4, 2018

Real property owned at the time of an individual’s death is subject to a federal estate tax lien, which, in accordance with IRC section 6324, attaches to the property automatically and provides security for any estate taxes that may be owed.