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Estate Planning for the Modern Family

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February 5, 2019

David Thal, partner in the Stamford, Connecticut office of the Cummings & Lockwood Private Clients Group, presented to the Western Connecticut Estate & Tax Planning Council on Estate Planning for the Modern Family.

 Elements of the modern family range from nonmarital children, adopted children, same sex marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships and cohabitation without marriage.  David reviewed the tax treatment of the modern family after the SCOTUS decision in Windsor and provided the Tax Planning Council with strategies for structuring estate plans for families in the 21st century.

 During the Q&A the Tax Planning Council raised a number of interesting questions on topics from the distribution of property in the estate of a parent who gave a child up for adoption to the potential increased use of genetic testing services such as 23andMe to settle (or start) controversies related to family relationships.

 Cummings & Lockwood attorneys Cara Santoro and Stefania Bartlett generously sponsored the talk.