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31st Annual Real Property, Trust & Estate Law, National Conference

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April 25, 2019

Laura Weintraub Beck, Chairman of Cummings & Lockwood’s Private Clients Group, will be a featured panelist at the 31st Annual Real Property, Trust & Estate Law, National Conference in Boston on May 9th and 10th.  The Panel is entitled the “Perilous Pot Trust: Balancing Families, Flexibility, and Fiduciary Duties.”

The panel will discuss “Pot” trusts which allow a trustee to sprinkle and spray distributions among a class of beneficiaries from a single fund.  While these types of trusts are often promoted as allowing a trustee to manage money in the same way that the grantor would manage money for the family, administering a pot trust is rarely straightforward. The trustee’s ability to manage tricky family dynamics, competing interests, and different objectives is critical. This program will cover:

  • Planning considerations, such as defining the class of beneficiaries, creation of a single pot versus a division along family lines, and the timing of a division or termination
  • Administration issues, such as balancing divergent interests, risk tolerance, and investment objectives, communication with beneficiaries (or not), and managing (or ignoring) family dynamics

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