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Estate Planning

10 Estate Planning Pointers for the Modern Family

November 2016

Author: Rachel Rhein Zarghami

In this presentation, Rachel Rhein Zarghami, a trusts and estates attorney with Cummings & Lockwood, provides 10 estate planning pointers for the modern family.  Typical traditional estate planning does not always address modern family circumstances.  She discusses various issues and provides ideas and advice for clients whose marital status has changed or who have non-traditional families.  (10:58)

Presentation Outline

 1.  Titling & Beneficiary Designations

 2.  Using Marital Trusts

 3.  Timing Inheritances in Second Marriages

 4.  Planning for Children of Different Marriages

 5.  Selecting Fiduciaries for Blended Families

 6.  Carefully Define "Descendants"

 7.  Powers of Appointment

 8.  Planning for Dependent Parents

 9.  Family Business Complications

10.  Planning for the Unknown