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Estate Planning for Individuals Who Are Ready to Make Large Gifts to Family Members

November 2018

Author: Daniel G. Johnson

Daniel G. Johnson, a trusts and estates attorney in Cummings & Lockwood’s Private Clients Group in Stamford, Connecticut, addresses various questions such as the following: Should clients be taking advantage of higher federal and state gift tax exemptions?  Should they be establishing dynasty trusts in jurisdictions such as Delaware, South Dakota, Alaska, etc.  How should such trusts be structured to keep the assets available to the family for generations?  This presentation includes techniques to fully utilize exemptions and to leverage gifts and assets even after exemptions are exhausted, such as through loans or sales to intentionally defective grantor trusts, as well as a list of questions one should consider before establishing and funding these trusts.  (36:26)

This presentation was part of a firm-hosted seminar for professional advisors in November 2018, entitled “Estate Planning for the Different Stages of Your Client’s Lifecycle.”