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Creating and Operating Charitable Entities

September 2019

Authors: Conrad Teitell, Stefania L. Bartlett, and Cara Howe Santoro

Trusts & Estates Magazine

Conrad Teitell, Stefania L. Bartlett and Cara Howe Santoro wrote an article for Trusts and Estate Magazine entitled "Creating and Operating Charitable Entities" which was published in the October 2019 Edition.

Should a client create a private foundation (PF) or donor-advised fund (DAF) - or contribute directly to a public charity? The answer: it depends on the facts of each client’s situation. Read about PFs and DAFs from the perspectives of advisors who counsel on the creation and operation of those entities. You’ll learn the differences among PFs, DAFs and public charities, as well as how much an individual can deduct to those entities, depending on the type of property donated.

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